How to Catalog Non-Circulating Music Scores

Instructions for Recent Researches in American Music

  • Go into the Acquisitions Module in WMS
  • First look up the ISBN for the music score – each of the Recent researches in American Music are cataloged individually by their title but have the same call number  
  • Add the item to the standing order record called Recent researches in American Music pt 2 – add in the isbn, fund, cost, and discount
  • Invoice and receive the item with the barcode, call number, location” Music Scores Non-circulating”
  • Then go into the local holdings record
  • Change the 008 so lending policy says “will not lend”
  • Make sure 852 0 _ – has WHE $b WHEE $c Music Scores Noncirculating $h “LC classification” $i . “cutter”$t 1

Example: WHE$bWHEE$cMusic Scores Noncirculating$hM2$i.R23834$t1

The call number for the recent researchers in music standing order will always be M2.R23834

  • Add 866 _ 0 field – $8 0 $a (enumeration)

Example: $8 $a v.64, pt.3

  • Add 876_ _ – add $3 with the enumeration and $p (barcode)

             Example: $3 v.64, pt.3 $p 36307102009039

  • Save the record
  • Go back to record and write the volume in summary